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Lianabel Int'l. is a Modeling & Talent (actors, singer & dancer) AcademySince 1986, Being a Modeling School for 30 years, today we're Mother Agent.  With the respect of the industry, we're affliate with modeling agencies locally, National and International.  By categories and division, Lianabel Int'l. has categories and division with Commercial & Fashion Models for Males and females all ages.

We train, protect, guide and promote models and talents to major market. With your goals on mine we palce you in the correct market.


Are you making money? Do you have a Mother Agent? Do you know who is the correct agency according your division and category?  Do you have the appropiate  Porfolio, Comp Cards to start in the business?  Do you want to persue more than one talent in the industry (modeling acting, singing or dance/ Broadway)? 

ARE YOU BOOKING?...  Lianabel Int'l. can help you!   

  • Highly trained and experience with vast knowledge in their field of expertise.

  • We have the Mother Agent with the highest demand. Our models appear on the World Wide Web for international exposure.

  • Founded in 1986, our founder Lianabel Rosario has 34 years in business.

  • In-house professional photographer with guidence. To insure quality shoots, photography plan, coordination of your pictures according your category and division. Layout of  marketing tools according of the agents in the industry. 

  • We're associated with "Connect New York" … With Workshops, Seminars and Programs keeps us on the edge of the industry standards in Runway's, Nutrition, Image, Pictures, Coashing, Artistic Tools, Beauty, Porfolio, Industry, Casting, Booking and how to do it.

  • Internationals placements for our models in Milan, Tokyo, New York, LA, Paris, etc..

  • Annual events, showcases, conventions to New York where our models, talent and professionals attend auditions with the agents.

  • We’ve graduated thousands that complement their daily professional and personal lifes with our teachings.

  • Many of our graduates have used modeling as a lucrative career and going into acting and show business.

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