Lianabel Rosario is the Director and Mother Agent of Lianabel Int’l. (10 times Agency of the Year) Since 1986.  Lianabel Rosario was awarded a plugue  "Eternal Beauty Queen", named by the Puerto Rico Senate in April 13, 1998, winning over 13 Beauty Queen Titles in different parts of the world. Between Miss Puerto Rico, Miss PR World, The Face of 90's "Cara de Imagen", Star Search Model, Miss Banana Boat, Miss Hispanic of PR, The Latin Model, Miss Quetzaltenango, Reina del Cafe Pereira, Colombia and more.


In the world of fashion and modeling Mrs Lianabel Rosario has also been able to represent more than 100 companies, TV Commercials, Print, TV Shows, Soap Operas, Catalogues, Movies and Productions. Also, she did 3 modeling contract in New York City... Thanks to her elegance and grace, Lianabel Rosario has worked with high fashion designers, productions and managers in the national and international industry.


At an early age, Lianabel knew she wanted to have her own modeling and talent academy, where she could share Etiquette, Modeling and TV Commercials. After retire of 30 years as Modeling School today we work affiliate with the agents of the industry as "MOTHER AGENT".  That way parents and talents can receive, train if is necesary, guidence in the industry and be promote.  Holding hands one  by one of our families to be secure in the industry.

Academy Group Runway Competition Winner


We have several awards in diferents events, showcases and convention.  Our awards include Runway, Photography, TV Commercials, Monologues, Improve, Spoke Person and 10 agency of the year....


Emergency was directed and produce by Lianabel Rosario.


With unanimous votes, we receive 100 points.

Agency of the year in 2005


This is an "Emergency Room"  with a group of 30 contestant between nurses, doctors, homeless, pregnacy and psychiatric patient. In all we demostrate dancers, models and actors together onthe same stage.

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