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Education with Elegance is for everyone in this industry.  In this world the people needs to be profesional and competitive as much as you can with your personal development.  According to the division and categories we develop with education, your self esteem and confindence .


With that in mine and getting the basic knowledge of modeling or acting, we promote the student to a better stage performance if the talent dedication and quality is in there. After the student shines we'll introduce them to agents in the industry according to there talents.


We support, assist and respresent the talents until placed in the final goal according to there artisitic plan.

What is Next?

We are finishing and talent academy with Mother Agent.  We are not a talent agency.  As a mother agent we train, guide and promote the talents and families to be in the professional industry with the legal agent and support until you reach your goals.


Lianabel International gives a FREE Artistic Analysis for those who would like to model, act, sing or dance to determine the talent level.  By divisions and categories we work with Kids, pre-Teens, Teens and Adults. In modeling we have Commercial or Fashion Models and Acting we have Television or Films.


We offer workshops for talents between Tuesday thrue Saturda and Sunday for thouse who are getting training for New York City Private Audition. The workshops including Look,  TV Show, Broadway, Films, TV Commecial, Modeling Techniques and Music performance, interview, resume, marketing tools, family trip.


With the perfomance in front of our agents the talents has the oppportunity to go to the agents office and process any call backs.  


With our representation you can be considered to work in the industry with a local, national or international level.

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