Divisions and Categories:


Kids = 4 to 7 years old = Charm and Poice

Pre-Teens = 8 to 12 years old = New Faces 

Teens = 13 to 17 years old = Young Faces 

Adults = 18 and up = Mature



Type: Workshops, Classes or Seminars

Duration: 1 Hour, 1.5 Hours or 2 Hours

Format: Groups or Individual

Location:  Academy or out of the academy


The Etiquette and Beauty 



Personal Development, Beauty and Individual Self Esteem


by: Lianabel Rosario


Certificated in Personal Development, Finishing

Etiquette and Beauty Instructor




By Lianabel Rosario

Revlon, Cover Girl, Sears, Kmart, Wallmart, Start Search, Roberto Paris, Fernando Pena, Oscar de la Renta, Kermesse, Destellos de la Moda, Coco Chanell, Donna Karen, Model of the Year, Kellogg's, Huggies, Meson, Frito Lay, Herbal Essence, TLD, Target, Discover Your Beauty etc. 


Pageant Secrets


By: Lianabel Rosario


With experience in The Face of  90's, Latin Model of the year, Star Seach Model, Miss Hispanic Puerto Rico and Miss Hispanic International ( 2nd place),  Miss Puerto Rico Universe and Miss Puerto Rico World 1993 and The Eternal Beauty Pagent Title by the Puertoriquen Senate.  Our workshop include Queen Development, Beauty,  Stage Presence,  Atire, Questions and Answers.

Self Esteem Program 



By: Lianabel Rosario


Build your Self Esteem, Develop, Improve, Tips, Leader of Self Esteem

Managing Business Program


By: Lianabel Rosario

Look, Convention, Charisma, Tools in the industry, Backstage, Business and Mother Agent

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At Lianabel International, Inc. you'll discover a complete education platform where you can reflect on your development and your talent will engage in the the artistic industry. People in Orlando and the entire region are welcome to our  programs to experience education and elegance while sharing it with others.


Our friendly, experienced team is always ready to receive you at our gallery of programs. Perhaps they can engage you in a dynamic conversation about a certain artistic personalise plan? Our doors are always open for you to come in and browse our extensive etiquette collections. We're also happy to provide a personalized introduction to our programs.

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