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Do I have to be beautiful and tall to model?

The great majority of international fashion models are tall, although Lianabel Int’l. offer other categories and divisions. However, in  commercial print modeling, local modeling  and, acting height isn’t usually important.


How do I know if I have what it takes to be a model?

That’s a  complicated question, and it varies from person to person. However, we believe successful models usually posses at least 4 of the following 5 qualities:


1. The Look—Do you have an interesting, beautiful or handsome face? A fit and firm body, good teeth, skin, hair, and bone structure?

2. Personality– Are you outgoing and friendly?  Can you interview well? Do you smile easily?  Would you be fun to work with?

3. The intelligence—Are you a high= achiever? Most successful models are excellent students.

4. Family Encouragement—Do your loved ones support your decision to model? We recommend that both you and your family learn as much as possible about this business.

5. Motivation—This is the most important! How much do you want to be a model? Will you work hard to achieve your goals?  Are you patient ?  Success does not always come quickly or easily.


I’ve heard you shouldn’t have to pay to get involved in modeling.  Is that true?

Not really. Just like starting into any business (and modeling is a business), expenses are involved: living expenses, photography, other marketing tools. Many prospective models choose to go to a reputable local modeling school or a national modeling showcase. The key word is  reputation.  Don’t spend money with anyone who isn't proven in this business.  Check everyone out.  Follow you gut feeling.


What are the benefits of modeling?

Modeling is a wonderful part-time or full-time career that offers the potential of an excellent
income, travel, and notoriety. You meet exciting people from different backgrounds and cultures.  Personal Development and Modeling promotes self-confidence and often leads to success in other careers.


What are the risks of modeling? 

The risks might include joining an unscrupulous business, spending money unwisely, or being disappointed if not getting chosen for a job. The first two possibilities will not happen with a reputable Agent guiding you.


Do I have to move to a big city to model?

National Modeling often involves travel to a large city; for students, this travel can usually take place during vacations and holidays. Some agencies will “direct book” a model from a home town for a big job, but “direct booking is rare for new models.  Most smaller cities offer some local modeling option as well.



How can I tell if something is a scam? 

Every industry has reputable and disreputable companies.  Modeling is not an exceptions.  It just gets more publicity.  The most prevalent modeling scams involve photography. Don't pay for a  photo session or composite cards unless you are guided by a well regarded agency.  Check out the companies history, reputation and success stories. Follow your gut feeling. If anyone “promises” you success, walk away.


What are my chances of really making it as a model?

Many people want to model.  Few succeed.  Could you be one? Look back on the cover and see the 5 predictors of success.  How many do you have?  In addition, we believe that understanding, education and preparation are vital in any career, including modeling.


What’s the best way to get started in modeling?

We represent an established modeling, talent showcase and international network of caring
regional directors that believe in education, family values, family involvement, self confidence boosting, and a safe path your success. You can also send snapshots to any New York agency.  You can visit them for brief “open calls” Read books. Be natural and stay in shape.  Send in photos for models searches by national magazine or agencies like Elite, Next, or IMG.


What type of men get involved in modeling?

Men who model successfully are handsome, physically fit, outgoing, and competitive.  They work with attractive women in an exciting career with opportunities to travel.  Many male models also get involved with acting. I have heard that drugs, alcohol, or smoking is prevalent among models.  Is that true? Absolutely not. Models must take excellent care of themselves, because their appearance is their business.


Would modeling get in the way of my education?

All reputable agents encourage you to continue your education.  They want smart people.  Most  actors and models are high academic achiever. 


Is Personal Development for me?

Personal Development is for everyone who want to be develop proper social graces.  We have all ages but we start at the age of 4. Talents are classified on a division and category according their age.




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