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Here's what people are saying about lianabelintl.

  • I’m a mom of two kids that attended Lianabel International. I never imagine how much they will learn and being a boy and a girl how positive the change could be. This was a lifetime experience for them and for me as a mom. Personal Development is something that everyone should take no matter the age. This has changed my family for good and hoping it helps other families in these times. I thank all the staff and especially Mrs. Lianabel for all the caring for such wonderful programs to help us become better persons. I recommend everyone to visit Lianabel International. Mrs. Ward

  • The Education is unique, the service exceptional and the programs and categories according the age of the student.  My daughter is 9 years old, the academy never promote on her heals, make up, long and artificial nails and no only that but NO provocative vocabulary and clothe.  That is an talent academy....Mrs. Calderon


  • My dreams comes true by Lianabel International with education in personal development, social graces, professional and family business."  Maribel Minarro


  • "There are no words that can express my gratitude. You have always been amazing working with the girls, and my daughters loves Lianabel Int'l. The academy build peoples courage, ..."Kimberline Hernandez


  • I had a dream and I had no idea where to start, until Lianabel Int'l.  Thanks to all the encouragement and guidance that Lianabel and John provided me with. I was able to see things in e I couldn't  see before, beause of them I was able to build the courage to visit NY City and be guiven the amazing opportunity to participate in a private audition.  Lianabel and John both have tremendously help, taught and prepared me for the long journey that's  to come, I couldnt' thank them enough.

( Jose return to New York and received a contract of 3 talents.  The contract is in process) Administration...


  • "We appreciate all your education and support to my daughter and all my family. My daughter received a modeling contract for 2 years by Lianabel International."Jaerlyn Lopez
    Above are truly written by our clients. We didn't modify anything to make it look or sounds appealing including spelling & grammer.


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